[IKAW3907500] Lab Disc White (IKA)

Product Code: IKAW3907500

Ultra-flat compact magnetic stirrer, guaranteed with modern magnet coil technology.
Wear-free drive with no moving parts. To ensure better mixing, the lab disc can reverse direction of rotation automatically every 30 seconds.
- High IP protection class (IP 65)
- Set-up plate and casing made from chemically resistant materials
- Slip-proof, safe stand
Number of stirring positions: 1
Maximum Stirring Quantity: 0.8 L (water)
Speed range (rpm): 15 - 1500
Plate Dimensions (mm): diameter, 100
Plate Material: polyester
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 117 x 12 x 180
Weight (kg): 0.3

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