[SYNGGGNOME-XRQ-NPC] GeneGnome XRQ chemiluminescence imaging system (SYNGENE)


GeneGnome XRQ 16 bit system with f 0.9 lens, no processor or monitor.

For chemiluminescence only. 4MP imaging 16bit camera with 73% QE @425nm with fixed f0.9 lens.
Includes epi LED white light.
With GeneSys software & unlimited copies of GeneTools.
Viewing area 11 x 8cm

- Small footprint, more space for your research
- High quantum efficiency (QE) camera, dDetects your faintest bands
- Automated chemiluminescent capture, perfect exposure without film
- Cooled camera, no annoying background noise on your blots
- Fixed lens controlled by GeneSys software. One click and you’ll image any manufacturer’s chemi reagents
- GeneSys application driven image capture software, contains extensive database of dyes and imaging protocols. All you need to know is the type of blot you’re using and GeneSys automatically selects the optimal lighting and filters to produce the perfect image.
- GeneTools analysis software (unlimited copies). Analyse data on your own computer

Image resolution (pixels m): 4
Effective resolution (pixels m): 16
A/D: 16 bit
Greyscales: 65536
Quantum efficiency @ 425nm: 73%
Cooling: Peltier
Lens (motor driven): Fixed f0.95
Sample size (cm): 11 x 8
Dimensions (W x H x D, cm): 37.5 x 44 x 43

Warranty: 36 months parts and labour warranty

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