[SSIB7A5A-00S] 12-Channel Reservoir (SSIBio)

Product Code: SSIB7A5A-00S

Product Description
12-Channel Reservoir
Volume: 20 mL
Max Volume: 22 mL
Number of Channels: 12 Channels
Packaging: 5/unit

HTS-friendly—compatible with most liquid-handling robots.
Centrifugation to 4,000 x G.
Manufactured from virgin polypropylene to ensure purity and sample integrity, chemical resistance, and compatibility with long-term storage needs.
Numeric indexing molded in on 1-12 axes.
Optimum sample mixing and recovery with highly-polished wells.
Raised rims on each well facilitate secure sealing with films and sealing mats.
Bar coded plates available—please inquire.
For use in medical, pharmaceutical and food industry, and molecular biology.
Certified free of detectable RNase DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free. Sterile product is certified pyrogen-free.

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