[SSIB77M1-S0S] Sealing Mat for Deep-Well Plate, Sterile (SSIBio)

Product Code: SSIB77M1-S0S

Product Description
Sealing Mat for Deep-Well Plate, Sterile
Well Fit: 96 Square Wells
Packaging: 10/unit

Citadel XR Foil is suitable for long term storage in extreme conditions and resistant to DMSO and other solvents.
Silicone sealing mats are reusable and pierceable.
Temperature range for foil or mats: -80° to +120°C.
For use in medical, pharmaceutical and food industry, and molecular biology.
Sterilized in units of 5 plates.

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  • Pierceable, suitable for heat sealing.

  • Silicone

  • For round or square well plates