[PLAS857-OTA/EXP] Anaerobic Glove Box - 857-OTA, Automatic One-Touch (PLAS-LABS)

Product Code: PLAS857-OTA/EXP

The new 857-OTA One-Touch "Go Anaerobic" chamber allows one simple press of the "Go Anaerobic" button to create a strict anaerobic environment. No standing around to manually purge glove box. Simply push the "Go Anaerobic" button on the large, color, touch-screen display and glove box automatically begins the purging sequence. Only 300 litres of gas needed to achieve anaerobic atmosphere!!
Large, color, "Touch Screen" display
"Go Anaerobic" automatic purging
CE Approved electrical outlet strip.
Three Drying Train canisters with quick dis-connects.
White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves.
Programmable Catalyst Heater Unit.
Two ground key-cock valves on main chamber.
"Bright Light" System. Two 1/4" NPT gas connections.
Transfer chamber (12" long x 11" I.D.)
Oxygen Analyzer changes from percentage (%) to parts-per-million (ppm) when O2 levels reach <0.5%
O2 Sensor Accuracy (%): 0-100.0% ±1.0%
O2 Sensor Accuracy (ppm): 0-10,000 ±1.0% FS
Temperature Range: 5-90% Rh
Temperature accuracy: ±1.0%
Inner dimensions (w x d x h): 104 x 71 x 66 cm
External dimensions (w x d x h): 140 x 89 x 97 cm
Approx. volume: 489 litres
Warranty: 24 months (non-consumable items only)

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