[PLAS856-HYPO/EXP] Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box - 856-HYPO (PLAS-LABS)

Product Code: PLAS856-HYPO/EXP

This chamber is ideal for tissue culture work, including tumour cell and stem cell research. It features a colour operated “touch screen” for automatically controlling oxygen levels, temperature levels, and carbon dioxide levels.
- 8" Colour Panel Touch Screen
- Thermoelectric Assembly (Peltier device) O2 Sensor and CO2 sensor.
- Password protected, configurable PID control.
- Platinum RTD with sealing gland.
- One touch, on-screen datalogging.
- N2, CO2, and O2 gas hook-up
- Air circulation fan Inert gas hook-up.
- Configurable for up to six individually controlled sampling chambers.
- Ethernet port connection for data logging.
Inner dimensions (w x d x h): 1041 x 711 x 660 mm
External dimensions (w x d x h): 1,397 x 890 x 965 mm
Approx. volume: 489 litres

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