[PLAS830-ABE/Exp] Compact Four Glove Box, 912 L (PLAS-LABS)

Product Code: PLAS830-ABE/Exp

The #830-Series of glove boxes has been developed
to minimize drafts and maximize the effectiveness of
your analytical balance. All units feature high
visibility of the interior, cleanliness, safety, complete
containment, portability, and a draft free atmosphere.
Many accessories can be fitted allowing flexibility as your research projects change.
Compact, portable, light weight and can easily be moved from lab to lab.
- Clear acrylic plastic main body (3/8” [10 mm] thick).
- Removable top section for easy installation of equipment.
- Four (4) key cock valves for purging. Two (2) on the main
body and two (2) on the transfer chamber.
- All clamps adjustable to compensate for normal wear.
- White ambidextrous Hypalon™ gloves for superior chemical
and U.V. resistance.
- Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet (socket) strip.
UL, CSA, and CE approved.
- Small pressure relief “pop” valve minimizes glove “fight back.”
- Transfer chamber is 12” (305 mm) long x 11” (280) I.D.
- Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables).
- Small replaceable H.E.P.A. and organic vapour canister.
Inner dimensions (w x d x h): 1,524 x 740 x 810 mm
External dimensions (w x d x h): 1,930 x 812 x 890 mm
Approx. volume: 912 litres

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