[PLAS830-ABC/CLC/EXP] Compact Closed Loop Glove Box, 306L (PLAS-LABS)

Product Code: PLAS830-ABC/CLC/EXP

The #830-Series of glove box featuring HEPA filtration package.
All units feature high visibility of the interior, cleanliness, safety, complete
containment, portability, and a draft free atmosphere.
Compact, portable, light weight and can easily be moved from lab to lab.
- Totally enclosed blower (fan) unit
- Two cylindrical 203mm HEPA filters
- Two Magnehelic gauges in Pa.
- Clear acrylic plastic main body (3/8” [10 mm] thick).
- Removable top section for easy installation of equipment.
- Four (4) key cock valves for purging. Two (2) on the main
body and two (2) on the transfer chamber.
- All clamps adjustable to compensate for normal wear.
- White ambidextrous Hypalon™ gloves for superior chemical
and U.V. resistance.
- Small pressure relief “pop” valve minimizes glove “fight back.”
- Transfer chamber is 12” (305 mm) long x 11” (280) I.D.
- Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables).
Inner dimensions (w x d x h): 710 x 580 x 740mm
External dimensions (w x d x h): 1,100 x 610 x 1185mm (incl. HEPA system)
Approx. volume: 306 litres

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