[PLAS825-UVC/EXP] PCR-UV Chamber - 825-UVC (PLAS-LABS)

Product Code: PLAS825-UVC/EXP

The chamber is a "still air enclosure" which contains both fluorescent and U.V. germicidal lamps. The U.V. system is rated at 254 nm and will decontaminate all surfaces of the interior.
Two bright white acrylic shelves are included (5 x 23) & (7 x 23) one is tooled to store pipettors.
Front panel is 9.5mm thick for Beta Ray protection
Removable side access doors with slip apart hinges
Side and back walls are one piece formed optically
clear acrylic 9.5 mm thick
The U.V. system is rated at 254 nm
Automatic timer to activate U.V. sterilization procedures.
Proximity sensors turn off the U.V. system for safety when the door is opened.
Sides and back wall are one piece formed thick acrylic for long term rigidity, durability, and protection
Bottom tray has a formed in place spill tray
Main housing and top are removable for installation of large pieces of research equipment.
Bottom tray has a formed in place “spill guard” for easy cleaning.
Interior dimensions: (WxDxH): 597 x 432 x 530 mm
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH): 610 x 457 x 711 mm
Full 2 year parts and labour warranty

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