LT ecocool Refrigerated Circulating Baths - LT ecocool 150 (Grant Instruments)

Product Code: GRANLTECOCOOL150

Grant refrigerated/heated circulating bath with integrated controller (TX150).
Complete with accessory hosing (Temperature range of hosing supplied: -40ºC to 100°C (can be cut to length as required).
Supplied tubing 2 x 1.5 m ID 9mm Ø), clips and connectors as standard.
6L Stainless steel bath
Temperature Range: -25ºC to 150°C
Relay control for refrigeration on/off
Cooling power 200 W @ 0°C
Overall Dimensions (HxDxW): 640 x 430 x 245 mm
Weight: 29 kg
15 Amp power outlet required
Warranty: Full 4 years parts and labour warranty

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