Kryo560-16 Controlled Rate Freezer 16L Medical Device (PLANER)

Product Code: PLANGDKRYO560-16-M-230

Fully featured controlled rate freezer with MRV controller
- Controller displays demand, sample and chamber temperature
- Simple to programme and operate
- Freeze samples in bags, ampoules or straws
- Forced laminar flow for efficient and even cooling
- Chamber volume: 16 litres
- Bag Capacity: 11 x 250/500ml bags, or 48 x PALL bags
- Vial capacity: 784 x 1.0-2.0 ml or 588 x 1.0 - 5.0 ml in baskets
- Straw capacity: 2904 x 0.25ml (on canes), 968 x 0.5ml (on canes) or 456 x 0.25-0.5ml (on racks)
- Lower temperature limit: -180ºC
- Cooling rates: -0.01 to -50ºC/Min
- Controlled heating rates: 0.01 to 10ºC/Min
Standard operating features:-
- Start above ambient
- Controlled heating
- Data Printing (integral printer)
- Comms port for PC connection (DeltT software optional)
- Fast cooling rates
- Multiple safety features
- System controller: MRV
- Includes 1m insulated stainless steel flexible supply hose
5 psi or 22 psi Liquid Nitrogen Supply REQUIRED
Manufactured in the UK for 240V operation
**Please note: This instrument is defined as a medical device according to the European Standards, it is not currently registered on the ARTG.

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