[IKAW4446900] Dispersing element, sawtooth, 8 mm - S 25 N - 8 G - ST (IKA)

Product Code: IKAW4446900

Volume range min. (H2O) 0.001 l
Volume range max. (H2O): 0.05 L
Stator diameter: 8 mm
Rotor diameter : 6.1 mm
Gap between rotor and stator: 0.25 mm
allowable Speed max.: 25,000 rpm
Circumferential speed max.: 8.0 m/s
Immersion depth min.: 27 mm
Immersion depth max.: 85 mm
Shaft length: 108 mm
Material in contact with medium: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE AISI 316L)
Working temperature max.: 180 °C
Sterilization methods: All methods

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