[IKAW3516800] Temperature sensor, stainless steel - PT 1000.60 (IKA)

Product Code: IKAW3516800

Temperature sensor, stainless steel
Made of stainless steel, for use with RCT basic safety control and RET basic.
Depth of immersion: 230 mm
Diameter: 3 mm
Material: AISI 316 Ti
Technical Data
Probe type Immersion probe
Sensor type PT1000 (DIN IEC 751 Class A)
Accuracy of temperature measurement [K] ± (0,15 + 0,2% o.Mv.)
Response time t9/10 [sec] 10
Temperature measuring range min. [°C] -50
Temperature measuring range max. [°C] +400
Material of probe tube stainless steel 1.4571
Diameter of probe tube [mm] 3
Length of probe tube [mm] 230
Immersion depth min. [mm] 25
Cable length [mm] 1000
Probe connection DIN 45322

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