[IKAW1289800] R 1405 Propeller (IKA)

Product Code: IKAW1289800

The R 1405 propeller head is designed for the use with the overhead stirrers EUROSTAR 20 high speed digital / control. It can also be used as an alternative mixing head to the R 1402 dissolver head on the high speed stirring shaft R 50 of the disperser T 50 digital. It is ideally suited for applications which work with low to medium mixing viscosities that require axial flow pattern at high speed with minimal temperature increase.
Working range: 0.25 - 30 l
Rotor diameter: 45 mm
Note: R 1405 needs to be attached to either the precision shaft R 6000 (if used with EUROSTAR 20 high speed) or the high speed stitting shaft R 50 (if used with T 50 digital) in order to operate. The shafts are not included in the scope of delivery of R 1405.

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