Hypoxia / Microaerophilic Chamber - BACTROX-2 388L (SHEL-LAB)

Product Code: SHELBACTROX-2

the Bactrox allows for microaerophilic bacteriology and hypoxic tissue or cell culture work to be performed in desired oxygen conditions throughout all culturing processes.
A complete workstation so bacteria and cells are more likely to grow faster and show less damage.
The benefits of using a SHEL LAB Hypoxia Chamber Include:
- Ultra Bright LED Examination Lights
- Stainless Steel Construction for Long Term Durability
- Independent Gas Controls
- RS232 Data Collection
- Condensation Control - High Humidity With Little or No Condensate
- Immediate Access to Chamber Via Sleeves
- Standard Microscope Adapter Accessories
- PC Calibration of Oxygen Sensor
- 1 - 20% O2 Control
External Dimensions (W x D x H, cm): 124 x 79.5 x 82.5
Working Chamber Interior Dimensions (W x D x H, cm): 83.8 x 72.4 x 64
Weight (kg): 346
24 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

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