Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Plus High-Performance Sample Concentrator – HCL Compatible (SP Scientific)

Product Code: GENEEZ4P-23050-HN0

Two Position Rotor, Integrated Condenser, Internal Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Included
Side Bridge Swings and Sample Holders to be Ordered Separately

New EZ-2 4.0 Series -The Most Compact High-Performance Sample Concentrator

The fourth generation of the EZ-2 Series has been redesigned with features to achieve higher performance, more user-friendly, more versatile and with far less environmental impact. Operators can simply load, set, and walk away without need for any special training. The EZ-2 4.0 has also been redesigned to minimize its environmental impact, with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, a standby mode to help save energy, and reduced use of plastic throughout. The packaging is also recyclable.

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