Conroy Medical Qseal-free

Product Code: CONRCS646

Qseal-free, a complete sealing system, which includes: Battery module, Sealing module, Charging station, Mains adapter, Plug kit and Operator’s manual.
Different types and sizes of PVC tubes up to 6.2 mm outer diameter can be sealed due to a sophisticated sensing system, which automatically adapts sealing time.
Sealing capacity: Approx. 500 seals/charge with PVC tubes up to 5 mm
Sealing time: 0.5 up to 3 sec. depending on the tubing.
Size (W x H x D): 200 x 47 x 166 mm
Weight: 663 g
Warranty: 2 years

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Qseal free

A cordless battery sealer with ergonomic grip. Ideal for location where being mobile is a necessity.


  • Protected sealing area.

  • Can be used when the donor is connected to the tubing.

High Quality

  • Sophisticated sensing system

  • Automatically adapts sealing time.

Easy to use

  • Cordless

  • No hand power needed

  • Sealing starts with the press of a button.