B30 Series R4300 Printer Ribbon, Black (BRADY)

Product Code: BRAD876914

The R4300 ribbon offers strong resistance against smearing and chemicals when printed on the appropriate Brady label material.
Recommended for printing on paper and films that have a matte or rough surface, such as B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl and B-499 Nylon Cloth from Brady
Self-contained ribbon cartridges are hassle-free and easy to replace without any printer calibration and ribbon threading
Tough, smear-proof ribbon produces long lasting printed text that can withstand years in industrial areas.
Self-contained B30 Series cartridges drop straight into the printer with a "click"
For use with: BBP®30 Sign & Label Printer, BBP®31 Sign & Label Printer, BBP®33 Sign & Label Printer, BBP®35 Multicolor Label Printer, BBP®37 Multicolor & Cut Label Printer, BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer, BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer, BradyPrinter S3000 Sign & Label Printer, BradyPrinter S3100 Sign & Label Printer

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